21 March 2004


  19 March 2005 -  The World is Running

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Thailand Marathon

  A Sisterhood for All

Since last year, the Thailand Temple Run proudly joined forces with two other international marathons to create a global sisterhood. The Thailand-Temple-Run, the Marathon of Rome and the Washington DC Marathon all occur on the same day, this year it is March 23rd, 2003. It is a celebration of running on three continents and three capital cities.

Beginning in Asia, the Thailand-Temple-Run takes runners past 30+ temples and through part of Thailand's most sacred grounds. Marathon weekend is an elaborate celebration of culture and history with local residents dressing in traditional Thai garb and the marathon route lit by bright torches.

The torch is then passed to Europe. The Marathon of Rome, established in 1995, takes runners through many of Rome's historic piazzas including Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and the Piazza di Spagna - the famed Spanish Steps. It continues past the Pantheon and Circus Maximus, through the seat of the Catholic Church and home of Pope John Paul II, St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City and finishes near the Colosseum and the Forum in the heart of the old city.

From Rome the relay continues to North America and Washington, D.C. with the Washington DC Marathon. In this capital city, the route traverses through postcard picture views of the Mall, the Capitol and the Tidal Basin as well as weaves in and out of the neighborhoods which make Washington so unique and special.

All three marathons share a common day and a common desire - running. All three marathons come complete with their own personalities and their own distinction. And all three marathons look forward to continuing the strong and happy relationship between her “sisters” that was formed last year.
Nearly 24 hours of constant running, on three continents, in three dynamic cities.

As our “sister” in Rome says, “On March 23rd the world will be running.” Yes, on March 23rd the world will be running together again!




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