Thailand Ocean 2 Ocean Relay Running (3rd)
February 2007 (- Date to be Confirmed -)

  It is 136.6 kilometers from the eastern coast of Songkhla (Gulf of Thailand, Pacific Ocean) to the western coast of Satun (Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean). With such distance, organized a relay running with 8 runners in each team, average distance is 17 kilometers for each one. It would take about 12 hours from the start line in Songkhla to the finish line in Satun, since sunrise to sunset.  


Race Details:

  • Course (hilly in different sections)
    The start line is on the beach of Pacific Ocean, behind Haad Kaew Resort, Amphoe Singha Nakhorn, Songkhla. Proceed along the road to highway 408, turn left to cross Thalesap Songkhla (Songkhla Lake) by the bridge to Amphoe Khuan Niang. Proceed further to Amphoe Rattapoom for highway 406. Turn right to highway 4137 to Amphoe Khuan Kalong. Proceed to highway 416 and turn left to highway 4052 for the finish line at Pakbara Pier.
  • Rules
    Each team must have no more than 8 runners. Each runner must choose his or her running number within the team (1 to 8). The course is divided up to 24 different sections with each runner running 3 sections each. Runner number 1 must run section 1, 9 and 17. Runner number 2 must run section 2, 10 and 18. The pattern applies through runner number 8 who must run section 8, 16 and 24. So, the runner should pick the number where the course fits the runner's ability.

    Each team must also have a van which can fit at least 7 runners and the team's supply. The van transports the rest of the runners to the next exchange point where the next runner waits for the baton from the active runner. More information about van rentals can be provided by the organizer.

    The baton marks the active runner. The team baton must exchange hands only at each check point from the starting point to the finish line. The active runner must carry the baton to the next exchange station. The team total race time is the total time it takes for the baton to travel to the finish line

  • Registration Fee - US$ 100 per team Click Here to Register

  • Registration through:
    - Dr. Aowchai Kanchanapitak: Tel. +66 (0) 1612-1116
    - Vejthani Hospital: Tel. +66 (0) 2734-0000 Ext.1206, 1216; Fax. +66 (0) 2734-0044
    - Ped Chuan Ving: Tel. +66 (0) 2272-0141 (-2), +66 (0) 1817-7285
    - Had Yai Running Club (Khun Sutthichoke): Tel. +66 (0) 1959-9199

  • Categories
    Men Open (8 male runners, any age)
    Women Open (8 female runners, any age)
    Mix Open (8 runners, any age, at least 2 female runners)
    Senior Open (8 male runners, every runner must be at least 40 years of age)
    Mix Aging (8 runners, with minimum 2 female runners, every runner must be at least 40 years of age)

  • Orientation
    Will be organized on the evening, 1 day before the race. Group start will be arranged with not more than 10 teams at once. The teams with most elapsed time start at 1-2 hours before sunrise. The teams with faster elapsed time start later. The last group starts while the sun rises at about 6:00 am. The race finished 1 hours after sunset. Any team cannot complete the race in time is subject to quit.

  • Program (tentative)
    Pre Race Event
    03:00 pm - Official rules meeting for team leaders at Haad Kaew Resort
    04:00 pm - Each team receiving car sticker of team number and taking a photo
    06:30 pm - Welcome Party
    Race Day Event
    04:00 am - All teams register to committee
    05:00 am - The First team Starting
    06:30 pm - The Last team to the Finish line
    07:00 pm - Farewell Party
  • Runner Servicing
    Each team has to provide services to its own runners at any point all the way with its team's vehicle such as providing water at every 1-2 KM. Team supplies:-
    - Drinking water: provide as sufficient as needed, at least 3 liters/runner
    - Other drinks: sports drink, etc.
    - Food: bread, sandwich, etc.
    - Fruit: orange, watermelonn, banana, etc.
    - Ice box or cooler
  • Runner Supplies
    - Cap/hat, useful especially at noon and afternoon
    - Sun glassess
    - Sun-block lotion
    - Clothes for change
    - Food and drink can be purchased on the way if insufficiently provided
    - Toilet can be used at gas stations or asking from roadside shops or houses. They are friendly.
    - Rented van or pick-up truck can be team's vehicle, available in Hat Yai. It costs 2500-3000 baht a day approximately
  • Application
    Each team is required to submit application with team's name and names of 1-8 runners, ordering number of runners are changeable before the race starts. Each team is required to submit its approximate elapsed time that is not exceeding to 14 hours. Applicant is required to submit runner's names and the record of team's elapsed time to the organizing committee about 1 month before the race.

Note: All information on this website is based on the 2006 information.  We depend on confirmed information updated by the official organizers.

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