Thailand Marathon

Go Adventure Asia Club
Only 1500.-Baht

  • Get Lifetime Membership
  • Get 10% Discounted Entry Fee for all events organized by Go Adventure Asia
  • Get 100% Secured Entry for all events organized by Go Adventure Asia
  • Get updated on all races being held in Thailand
  • Get a Yellow Timing Chip to guarantee your accurate time at races (worldwide)

If you are ready to join, please follow Step 1 Application and Step 2 Payment

Step 1 Application: Please complete the following form in order to confirm your intention to join Go Adventure Asia Club

Important remarks:

  • Please make sure that you provide all relevant information
  • We only accept payments through bank transfer (bank account information noted below)
  • The membership fee is non-refundable!
  • Make sure that you have read and understand our terms and conditions below
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Before you register, please read our terms and conditions
Terms & Conditions
  • 10% off entry fee for all Go Adventure Asia organized events
  • Guaranteed entry into all Go Adventure Asia organized events
  • Please refer to your member ID when registering for races through and
  • In case of any change in your contact information, please kindly update us here
  • There is no expiration of this membership
  • Membership fee is Non Refundable for every case
  • Yellow Chip is NOT transferable and NOT allowed to be used by a Non-Club Member whose information is not registered

Step 2 Payment: Please remit the amount of 1500.- Thai Baht to our bank account, details as follows. Then please fax the payment slip to 02 237 2321. After the payment has been received, we will send your member card and a yellow chip to your address mentioned in the submitted information above.

Bank Siam Commercial Bank
Branch Surawong 2
A/C Name Chip Timing Co., Ltd.
A/C Type Savings
A/C No. 064 - 2 - 24526 - 0


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