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Why do I have to buy a package?

The Thailand Temple Run is more than just a race, it is a complete cultural experience. The Package offers international runners a unique opportunity to enjoy the very best of the race, and the events surrounding it. We also wanted to make it easy for you to come to Thailand for this unique marathon and half marathon, without having to hunt for accommodation, transportation etc!

Can I enter the marathon/half marathon without buying the package?

Certainly, but you would be missing out on half the fun! We would also highly recommend you sign up for transportation to and from the race, leaving from the Amari Watergate Hotel, as it is quite a distance from the city centre, and taxis would not be willing to take you there – if they know the way! 

I am the only runner, but can my family come too?

Of course! This is a family event. Rates are available for the whole family to join in the site inspection, the carbo-loading dinner and the awards ceremony. They can even come with you on race day, and cheer you on! In fact, we encourage your family and friends to join you!

Why does the race have to start so early?

It gets hot in Thailand! Early morning is the best time to run – and we want to give you a good chance to finish before the heat of the day! We still recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen, however.

Is there a time limit on finishing the full marathon?

Six hours is the time limit. At that time, we will pick up the last of the runners. If, however, there are still quite a few people on the course, and near the end, we will let them finish.

What happens if we have to leave straight after the race, and can’t stay for the Awards Dinner?

As long as we know this when you book, we will adjust the package price accordingly. If you happen to win a trophy, we will try to make sure you get it before you leave. It would, however, be a pity to miss such a great finale.

Can I buy my favorite sports drinks, gels and other energy bars in Thailand

Probably not. Gatorade and Sport drinks are available in some supermarkets, but gels, power bars and the like are not available in Thailand. We strongly recommend that you bring everything with you that you need for the race. Water will be provided, and can, of course, be bought easily. We will also be providing electrolyte drinks.

What is the programme for the main events?

The program is as follows:

On Saturday 23.MARCH 2002 you should come to the Amari Watergate Hotel (847 Petchburi Road, Pratunam, Bangkok) at some point between 09:00 AM and 08:00 PM to register and pick up your starting number and pre-race pack.

On the evening of 23. March 2002 there will be a "Carbohydrate Dinner" at the Amari Watergate Hotel, the official Race Hotel. This Dinner is not included in the Registration fee, but you can buy a Dinner Coupon during registration and the time for the dinner will be confirmed later – probably 7pm.

On the morning of 24. March we will meet at 03:00AM at the Amari Watergate Hotel and drive to the starting point of the race some 80 km southwest of Bangkok. At 04:30h there will be a Ceremony with Monks and Thai Dancers and the Full Marathon will start at 05:00h AM. Transportation can be booked on one of the busses leaving the Amari Watergate Hotel when you register. We would, however, recommend that you advise us in advance if you wish to have transportation.

After the race you will receive lunch and transport back to the Amari Watergate Hotel.

On the evening of 24. March, there will be a Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony at the Amari Watergate Hotel. This Dinner is also not included in the Registration fee, but you can buy a voucher during registration. This will be a spectacular theme dinner, celebrating the variety of Thailand’s culture and cuisine. An excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow runners and celebrate your achievement. 

Is this race only for international competitors?

No. The web-based package is for international competitors, but you will compete alongside some of Thailand’s best runners. The Thais will also have the opportunity to join international competitors for the carbo-loading dinner and, of course, the Awards Ceremony and Dinner. We anticipate about 1000 local entries for the marathon and half marathon.

What about insurance?

Participation is at your own risk. We strongly recommend you take the proper steps to ensure you are fit enough to race such a distance, and that you take out your own holiday and health insurance prior to arrival in Thailand.

Can I book the package and race through my local travel agent?

Most certainly! Just ask your agent to contact us via the web site. We also list the contact details of agents who are actively promoting the Thailand Temple Run in their part of the world, so you can contact one of these too.

Do I have to stay in one of the recommended hotels?

No, although it does make your life easier as we are arranging transfers from the recommended hotels to the headquarters hotel for all functions and on race day. If you stay somewhere else, getting to the Amari Watergate Hotel for the functions and for the race transfers is your own responsibility. You can always move to a different hotel after the race – or choose from one of our recommended pre/post tours.