Thailand Marathon



24 hours charity run, Dubai

The Dubai 24 Hours Charity Marathon will take place from 4 pm on 25 - 26 November in Dubai at the 19th Street Racecourse, opposite the Mövenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. Organised in conjunction with the ANT No-Smoking Campaign, the Mövenpick Hotel Bur Dubai, ANT FZ LLC, the Ministry of Youth and Education and the Municipality of Dubai, this event will attract runners both locally and internationally.

Participants will be individuals or teams of 5 runners and the objective is to run as many times around the 700 m track as you can in the 24 hour period. This promises to be a fun filled event, with a carnival-like atmosphere, and an excellent training opportunity! There will be sponsors and suppliers selling sports related goods, food and drinks. All participants will be provided with toilets, showers, medical assistance and carbohydrate food during the event. Special hotel rates will be offered to international competitors.

  • Participation Fees:
    - Single Runner: AED 200.-
    - Team (5): AED 1,500.-

  • Applications:
    - At Sun & Sands Branches or at the Mövenpick Hotel Bur Dubai
    - Or via e-mail to

  • Further Information:

  • Company Participation:
    A number of major sponsors are already supporting this event, but if anyone is interested in sponsoring it with products or participation, please contact Thomas Tapken as soon as possible. A full information pack is available on request.

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