Race Terms and Conditions

1. Background
Participants in an ordinary marathon are easily injured. Amari Midnight Run Organizers therefore recommend that you get a thorough medical check-up, and adequate insurance cover, prior to running the marathon. The above is also the reason for the following terms and conditions, including in particular the exclusion of liability in clauses 2 - 3.

2. Participation at your own risk
By joining Amari Midnight Run you accept that your participation in the marathon is at your own responsibility and your own risk in every respect.

You accept that you cannot claim any kind of damages, indemnification or any other compensation for personal injury, damage to property or any other loss, including any kind of indirect loss in connection with your participation in the marathon, from Amari Midnight Run Organizers, sponsors, staff or partners, unless you are subjected to any kind of injury or loss due to gross negligence on the part of Amari Midnight Run Organizers or their employees. Amari Midnight Run cannot be held liable for negligence displayed by independently participating third parties or the local authorities prior to, during, or after the run.

If you are injured in any way due to your participation in Amari Midnight Run, and as a result are unable to go through with your stay in Thailand as planned, you are also prevented from claiming damages, indemnification or any other kind of compensation.

3. Medical help
Amari Midnight Run will ensure that qualified medial professionals are on hand to assist competitors during the marathon. However, if any treatment is not or cannot be carried out by these medical personnel, it will be a matter between you, the local medical services, and your travel insurance. You cannot hold the Amari Midnight Run Organizers responsible for any errors or any negligence caused by local medical personnel.

If the medical staff or other assistants in the marathon advise any competitor against continuing the race due to medical concerns, the person in question will be advised to withdraw from the run. Amari Midnight Run does not undertake any responsibility for such a decision.

4. Insurance
It is highly recommended that all participants take out adequate personal and travel insurance before entering the Amari Midnight Run. Such insurance cannot be taken out in Thailand, and must be purchased before arriving in the country.

5. Sponsors
Without the assistance and support of sponsors of the Amari Midnight Run, such a race would not be possible. Therefore, in order to protect their interests and investment, any competitor wishing to wear or carry any form of advertising, other than normal clothing logos, must obtain written permission from the Amari Midnight Run Organizers in advance of the race date.

6. Film & video
Family, friends and other spectators are very welcome to take photographs or make video recordings for private use. Professional photographers must obtain written permission from Amari Midnight Run Organizers prior to the race. All rights in relation to the Amari Midnight Run name and logo are the property of Amari Midnight Run, and permission to use the name Amari Midnight Run or pictures from the event for commercial purposes, must be obtained in writing from Amari Midnight Run prior to use.

7. The Thai authorities
Without the good will of the Thai authorities, Amari Midnight Run would not be possible. Traffic control and medical aid are some of the favors that the Thai authorities perform to help the success of Amari Midnight Run.

Therefore, all participants must respect any request from the Thai police or local authorities. Any hostile confrontation between runners and local authorities would be an enormous embarrassment to Amari Midnight Run, and could result in cancellation of the run or like consequences.

In Thailand, disputes are rarely settled through direct confrontation and any
Amari Midnight Run competitor seeking to settle a dispute face to face with a police officer or local authority, risks losing his entry and will face a massive financial claim for compensation from the Amari Midnight Run Organizers.

Likewise, respect should be shown for the citizens of Thailand for their help and generosity in enabling this race to take place.

8. Force majeure
In the event of any situation outside the organizers control, such as a political unrest, weather or like conditions the following will happen:

  1. Should the incident occur before departure to Thailand, the trip will be cancelled and the payment refunded. If possible, all participants will be offered an alternative race date.

  2. In case the incident occurs after arrival in Thailand, there will be no refund of payment but as many elements on the itinerary will be carried through as planned, with changes in the details of the program where necessary.

9. Additional notes
These conditions, in particular the exclusions of liability in clauses 2 - 3, form part of your agreement with Amari Midnight Run Organizers in connection with Amari Midnight Run.

. Choice of law and venue
By joining Amari Midnight Run, you accept that any dispute in relation to your participation in the run will be subject to Thai law.

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