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23 March 2003, Bangkok-Rome-Washington DC: The World is Running!

In three cities, on three continents around the world, on 23 March 2003, there will be three marathon races: Bangkok, Thailand; Rome, Italy and Washington DC, USA. All three are international marathons with a heavy local interest, and offer more than just a race. Routes have been determined to highlight the very best of the areas, and to create an interesting marathon for both local and international participants.

The Inaugural Washington DC marathon is the only internationally competitive marathon that completely resides within the border of the nationís capital. The route encompasses many of the major historic and public interest buildings such as the National Mall, Capitol Hill, the JFK stadium, Embassy Row, Chinatown and many others.

The Maratona della Citta di Roma takes runners past historic piazzas, such places as St Peterís Basilica, the Pantheor Caracalla and the Trevi Fountains. Truly a memorable race.

The Thailand Temple Run is in its first year, and is being held about 1-ฝ hours outside of Bangkok, in an area famous for over 100 spectacular temples. This marathon and half marathon are being promoted to international competitors along with opportunities for sightseeing in Thailand, and to join other competitors in pre- and post-race functions. This is not only a race, it is a complete cultural event.

It is envisaged that the Sisterhood of Marathons will develop into a full exchange of local runners, and international competitors excited by the challenge of running in different parts of the world!

All three events offer the full marathon distance, the half marathon distance and a 10k race.

For further information on the races, visit the web sites:

or contact admin@thailand-temple-run.com



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